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Welcome to ArmaGator, Inc.

ArmaGator, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Donald A. Johnson whom has been in all types of construction. He has over 35 years experience and expertise in interior and millwork manufacturing and installing.

ArmaGator, Inc is a sub contractor which as experience in wide range of successful projects with general contractors, including commercial buildings such as CVS Pharmacies, Rooms To Go Furniture and Aarons Rents.

In our twenty plus years of business in commercial construction, we have earned the trust of many large prime contractors nationwide. ArmaGator, Inc. has earned an Approved Millwork Installer status with CVS/Caremark.  

ArmaGator, Inc. may not always meet the lowest bid, but we can and will always give customer satisfaction which is one of our number one qualities and goal. We are committed to provide the highest quality customer service at the lowest possible cost to you.

Don works closely with his employees to maintain a safe and professional crew to make sure all projects are started and completed according to General Contractor’s schedules. Careful planning enables us to deliver your project with in scope, time and within budget.

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